Recent Renovations

Some of you may not be aware of the fact that the high school recently underwent some renovations which include a new library, additional classrooms, an improved cafeteria, an auxiliary gym, and a new faculty room, as well as much-needed improvements in many of the older classrooms, the weight room, the music suites, the gym, and the locker rooms.

Click on the pictures and links below to see pictures that show the progress of the work. Please note that the pictures may take a VERY long time to load, but hopefully they will be worth the wait.


One of the biggest parts of the renovations is our new library. The pictures below show a broad view of the front circle and the library as well as new classrooms that extend from where the wing behind the library originally ended. There are steps to the left of the library in the picture that lead up to a patio-type area with picnic tables.

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    Science Wing

    In addition to a new library, new classrooms were added to the wing nearest to the library. This is the Science Wing. Also included in this wing near the corner is the Large Group Instruction Room.

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    Auxiliary Gym

    An addition to the school extends into the parking lot. Most of this addition consists of a new "Auxiliary" Gymnasium, but part of the upper level is also an extension of the cafeteria.

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    Music Suite

    The music suite underwent a few changes. You can see some of them below.


    The cafeteria has been renovated as well. There is no longer a line that goes behind the kitchen area. That hallway that so many of us remember so well is now gone.

    Check out the new and improved cafeteria! In the first picture you can see to the far right a view that looks out onto the new Auxiliary Gym which extends from the original high school into the parking lot area. The old cafeteria ended where you see the pillars. In this picture you can also see the two wooden doors that accomodate two lines of students. That is where they enter. The middle door that is similar to a garage door, rolls up and the students come out this door past cash registers and a condiment island. See the new wash area for dirty dishes.

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    Gym/Weight Room

    Remember the old hallway area near the cafeteria that led into the gym and also down the stairs to the boys' locker room? It also led to classrooms and the school bank at one time. This hallway has changed a bit. There is now a ramp that cuts between the two hallways that connect the front and back lobbies. This makes the school more accessible to those with handicaps and has allowed the ramp in the back lobby to be removed.

    The weight room has changed ... at one time, it was so tiny that it held only a few small Universal weight unit, and a few squat racks. It expanded sometime after my graduation in 1984 ... but look at it NOW!

    The first picture shows a view from the entrance to the weight room from the parking lot. To the far right, you can see a small office that houses a fairly nice sound system that will play tapes, CD's and radio over speakers throughout the weight room. Next to that is the athletic training room. The school employs an athletic trainer whose hours vary. There are some cubbies where students can store their sweat suits or other belongings while working out. Next to that is a hallway that leads to an exit to the hallway by the boys' locker room. The second two pictures show views taken from near the cubbies. Pretty spiffy, eh?

    Open House

    After the 2002-2003 school year had been under way for a few months, an Open House was planned to showcase the "new" Smethport Area High. There was a ceremony in the auditorium with performances by the choir and band and then everyone was invited to visit classrooms and the cafeteria, where refreshments were served.

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